15 Quick and Easy Ideas to Improve Your Video Marketing Content

Feb 12, 2018

Need to brush up on your video marketing content? Here are 15 fast, easy ways to make better videos that drive audience engagement.


#1: Brand Consistently

Every video should connect directly to your brand. So set a branding standard for your videos, and follow the template every time. This means using the same colors, fonts, logos, and other visual cues consistently.

#2: Add a Call to Action

It’s amazing how many companies produce great videos and forget to give their audience a clear next step. Remember to add a call to action at the end of the video, or along the edge for the duration. It can be as simple as “Click for free trial” or “Play next ABC Company video.”


#3:  Be Sound Savvy

Keep in mind how sound impacts your videos. Poor sound comes across as amateur and frustrating. In terms of sound quality, use good hands-free lapel and lavalier mics for sit-down shots. Microphone and boom setups can maintain sound quality for bigger shots.


#4: Plan for Silence

Speaking of sound, most videos are viewed without it. That’s right, 85% of videos played on Facebook remain muted the entire time. Your audience needs to be able to understand your video content regardless of volume. Add captions, titles, statistics, logos, and other text that keeps the message clear.


#5: Stay on Top of Trends

When developing content ideas, use Google Trends or Buzzsumo to find out what people are talking about. If “hurricane season” is in the headlines, your roofing business can create a quick Q&A video about repairing hurricane damage.


#6: Include Keywords

Put together a list of keywords that are both popular and related to your business. Tag your videos with these words, and let the power of search engine optimization (SEO) drive maximum traffic to your videos. Google Keyword Planner is a handy tool for this job.


#7: Follow Your Competitors

Are you following your competitors? You should, but NOT to steal or copy their content. Do it for inspiration. If your main competitor is posting awkward, poor-quality videos about their products, maybe you could outshine them with a professionally-produced funny video or animated clip.


#8: Ask Your Followers

Ask your biggest fans what they want to see. Maybe your customers wish you offered free videos about assembling your products. Maybe your Facebook followers want money-saving tips.


#9: Learn From Analytics

Using YouTube Analytics can be an enlightening experience. Sometimes it reveals that the videos you think are popular just aren’t. Sometimes it reveals that your audience looks quite different than you expected. Use analytics to refine and customize content topics and targeting.


#10: Go Behind the Scenes

Offer your audience a glimpse of something they can’t find anywhere else, like a tour of your facility or a look into the inner workings of your product. People like behind-the-scenes footage and may share their newfound knowledge, which is good for your brand.

#11: Tell a Story

Many companies forget to answer a crucial question: Why should I buy from you? People prefer companies with a clear mission – especially millennials, who favor small and charitable brands. Use video to tell the story of your business and make people feel good about buying from you.


#12: Be Human

It’s important that business videos have a certain level of professionalism, but don’t make them too slick. Today’s video viewers want content that seems authentic and human. Cast people with friendly faces and don’t make it all sound too scripted.


#13: Think Like Ordinary People

Develop content ideas that speak to real-world customers. Jargon and scientific language are turn-offs for most viewers. Unless your video is specifically targeted at a high-level B2B audience, speak in layman’s terms.


#14:  Offer Helpful Solutions

People like helpful content: reviews, demos, tips, walkthroughs. Show how your product solved a big problem for a small business. Do a demonstration of your best-seller. Share tips and tricks for using your product efficiently.


#15: Hire a Pro

Stuck on developing content topics or solving production issues? These are common obstacles, but they don’t have to stop you. When in doubt, consult an expert. Nickel City Graphics has helped all kinds of businesses improve their videos and build better marketing strategies.



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