Best Practices for Adding Testimonial Videos to Your Marketing Strategy

Feb 9, 2018

Testimonial videos are a powerful force. 72% of consumers say testimonials and positive reviews make them trust a business more, and 88% trust testimonials as much as recommendations from people they personally know.

Pair that with video, which currently accounts for 35% of all internet traffic and is expected to make up 82% by 2021, and you have a one-two punch of marketing power. Here are some best practices for making testimonial videos a part of your company’s marketing strategy.

Show Human Faces

Testimonials are all about people. Humans are hard-wired to respond to human faces, and seeing faces instantly builds rapport, trust, and believability.

Make sure the person giving your testimonial is front-and-center in the video. They don’t have to look straight into the camera – it’s sometimes better if they’re looking to the side, at an interviewer – but viewers should be able to see their facial expressions up-close.

Here’s a great example of an effective testimonial video Nickel City Graphics did for the vehicle auction company ACV Auctions. It’s just 2 minutes long, but includes several convincing testimonials from real, believable people.


Don’t Make it Salesy

The fastest way to go from testimonial to turn-off is to make your video overly schmoozy or salesy. Consumers are savvy about blatant pitches for their money.

Consider the difference between these two testimonials:

#1: “This is the best software I have ever used! It is truly amazing! Seriously, go buy this right now!”

#2: “This software helped me save a few hundred dollars every week for my graphic design business. Plus, it was easy for my whole team to learn how to use it.”

Notice how #2 is much more persuasive, even though it sounds less upbeat? #2 is focused on specific details – saving money and easy training – rather than generic compliments. Details resonate more deeply with skeptical consumers.


Stay Unbiased

Another reason example #2 is more effective is that it sounds unbiased. Bias is a huge deal to consumers, especially millennials who have grown up hearing constant discussions about bias, prejudice, and discrimination.

So – believe it or not – you shouldn’t be afraid to let a couple of mildly negative opinions slip into your testimonial videos. It makes them seem more evenhanded and unbiased.

For example, a customer might say something like, “I wasn’t thrilled about paying $500 for this software, but I found that it brought thousands of dollars in savings over the long term.” That’s actually a great testimonial.


Ask the Right Questions

Most people aren’t instantly comfortable on camera. Your testimonial subjects will likely ask you, “What should I say?”

Don’t give them a script or rehearse it in advance. Do ask questions that encourage easy, off-the-cuff answers for a happy customer. Here are some examples.

  • What was the most satisfying part of using our product?
  • What obstacle did you overcome by using it?
  • Why did you feel that it was worth the money?
  • Why would you recommend us to someone else?
  • Is there anything else you’d like to add?

The last question – anything else to add? – is important. Testimonial subjects will often come up with surprising and complimentary comments, just from that simple question. This can often end up being the best content of the interview.

Focus on Quality

Even the most amateur testimonial video can be convincing, but professional production adds even more legitimacy and trustworthiness. This is an opportunity to show potential customers that you care about quality.

Looking again at the ACV Auctions video, you can see that the company incorporated a few shots of vehicles and a pan across the car lot. This subtle, professional touch sets the scene for the testimonial and gives an impression of sophistication.

Ready to add testimonial videos to your marketing strategy? Connect with the video marketing experts at Nickel City Graphics or download the Video Marketing Strategy Blueprint now.


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