360 Video Interview With Paul Grenier Of ALS Consulting

Feb 23, 2017

Transcript – 360 Interview with Paul Greiner, Principal Consultant, ALS Consulting

Neil: [00:00:03] Hi. I’m Neil with Nickel City Graphics and we’re trying another 360 interview because the last one was very popular. So, a lot of that might have been due to our speaker CJ. So, you have a lot to live up to Paul. But today we’re going to talk to Paul Greiner from ALS Consulting. He is a client of Nickel City Graphics. We have done a lot of different projects together. So, we’re going to touch on a few of those. We are trying a few different things tech-wise. The last piece of video content we had for real exposure difference between one of the two lenses on our 360 camera. So, we’re going to talk about that and some other technical things at the end. I will put the time code up somewhere in here. So, if you want to skip to the tech part that’s possible. We’re also going to do a couple more Easter Eggs that was sort of fun last time. Right? Did you find any of the Easter Eggs?


Paul: [00:01:05] I did. Of course, you told me were they were in advance.


Neil: [00:01:08] Yeah. That makes it easier. So, we’ll do a few more of those. And then with that we’ll start with Paul. Paul I want to give everyone a rundown of your business and what you do.


Paul: [00:01:25] Sure. I’m the principal consultant with ALS Consulting and the short story is as we work with business people to make them more effective at what matters to them. So yeah, we your strategy we do process those kinds of things but we also do the coaching, the development work. So, you can be the kind of person. Who will get the job done no matter what and what give us the tools to make that easier.


Neil: [00:01:53] All right. That sounded like the 60 second elevator pitch.


Paul: [00:01:58] It’s like I’ve done that before.


Neil: [00:02:01] OK. So, we’ll kind of get into it. The first thing I wanted to talk about was some of the projects that we have done together. So, we have done an animated piece. We have done the what we’re calling Market with Your Presentation product that we developed last year and now we’ve got a series of weekly video content coming out so. So that we don’t get really bogged down. Do you want to pick one of those three projects and kind of talk about what it’s done?


Paul: [00:02:37] Sure. Let’s go with the do what we’re doing now. Right. So, we’ll go with a weekly campaign.


Neil: [00:02:44] Sure. OK. With that weekly campaign, I can give it the rundown or you can give the rundown or I can spin it. So, Paul is putting together a campaign called Five Minutes Forward. We just recorded today week five. And these are from a video content standpoint very simple, single cut typically, videos of Paul giving kind of a pearl of wisdom to his audience.


Paul: [00:03:20] They must be the swine.


Neil: [00:03:22] What?


Paul: [00:03:22] The audience must be the swine then. Pearls before swine.


Neil: [00:03:26] Yes. OK. Didn’t catch it.


Paul: [00:03:31] Like that. That is a great example.


Neil: [00:03:37] We may cut that out.


Paul: [00:03:42] That’ll be the only funny part.


Neil: [00:03:44] Yeah. So that video series in particular you’ve mentioned in another group that were involved in that. You’re seeing results from that series, but not necessarily that typical digital marketing. You know people are buying stuff from you online. Instead you’re having more conversations in person because of it. You talk about how that works.


Paul: [00:04:12] I think that one of the things coming into it right is that we talked about, given that we’ve tried a few other things and that’s even some of the things that you didn’t mention that we have tried video was you know kind of putting video content as part of a funnel and you know something to try to convert into specific things whether it’s a workshop or it’s a or with different things the workshop the one on one sessions and you know whatever it is we’ve tried that. And I think the strategy this time was really about pure value creation. Right. So, this series is really not so much about bringing people in. It’s not so much about reaching people that are already connected to. It’s about delivering value to firstly our subscribers, the people who are actually on our mailing list, who said ‘Yes’ I want to hear what you have to say. So, that’s how we deliver what we say. And also, building credibility in local networks. So, I wish I had more water. But, that’s I think been the primary intent is and even if you look at the things online. So, what I do is I put the videos out directly through the mailing list that goes out Tuesday mornings and then on Thursday I’ll put it out directly through Facebook for various reasons. And then about two weeks behind I’m putting them on LinkedIn as well. Right so there are touching in different places but way more than the line engagements. I get people in real life coming up and saying great video content. Like I really like that. That really spoke to a situation that I was dealing with. It provides a foundation of OK there’s something here and clarifies if you want to have another conversation with me or with my team in real life. Right. So, there is less and less of all what need to do and when we’re going to be and what’s the process and more clarity around what I’m really going to be delivering and where the value is and I’m going to give you that value upfront. Right. So that’s what it’s about. It’s about giving value. And that’s been the reception. And you can’t tell that by just looking at numbers you can’t tell that by just looking online and tracking the things that we do that you know pay attention to things. But it’s the culture. It’s the conversations that it generates.


Neil: [00:06:40] Right. And so, I guess to your point about what we’ve tried before with some of the more traditional digital marketing setups and what we’re doing now and how we developed it. We talked about kind of breaking out of that typical mold because everyone knows a lot of business coaches, I think who’s in the business and the networking thing and everything like that but by kind of telling those personal stories things that happen to you in the videos that we’ve been doing nothing gives you I think a little more. Yeah. You have some credibility you have some expert status and I think that came out of partially that I’ve worked quite a bit myself and it’s not until you get to experience it or give it a chance to work until you actually have… until it works for you. Right?


Paul: [00:07:46] Which is tough because that goes against everything we’re taught if we learn about how to get business done and how to promote. There’s always the well you’ve got to be able to really explain it like you said the second pitch. There is no 60 second way for me to actually communicate with the value of what I do. Right. It’s not really possible. So, then it’s about, OK what can I communicate. And with video how was the best medium. And it’s also I mean Gary Vaynerchuk is someone who a lot of people are aware of and has blown up. But when he talks about his self-awareness right to get out like what are your strengths, what aren’t your strengths. For me, can I write a blog post. Yes. Will it come out at the end, probably fairly intelligent sounding. Yes. Will it take me three hours of being an insane perfectionist and going back through it and still not being happy and before I just because of the deadline I have to push it out. Yes. So, I can have the stressful experience of over written format and sending out information that it’s just in one way or I can do something that is a little bit more suited to how I actually work well. It’s easier to prepare easier to execute overall and just works for what I’m looking to do. So I think that’s an important piece and you know video content is kind of the way marketing is going. But you also want to, you’ve got to know where your strengths are. Right there are some people who probably should not be doing a live video well even if it’s the Facebook like I’m doing it myself version.


Neil: [00:09:23] Right. And that’s something that we talk about a lot and we talk about video content especially for smaller businesses or individuals who are in video. Is that especially if you’re in one of the fields where you’re selling yourself. Right? And the way you do things versus the way maybe somebody else does it or your personality plays a large role and your product. That is when it can really be, when it’s really hard to beat. Right? Because that the level of personality is heard have come across and written content, it’s certainly hard to have come across in a printed brochure and your business card or anything like that.


Paul: [00:10:03] Yeah. Or the pitch. If you have your title is the same title as many other people. And if your actually accurate elevator pitch is pretty similar to many other people then you’ve got to differentiate yourself by what you’re bringing and how you’re being about what you’re doing and there’s no way to talk about that and again doesn’t just sound like something that someone else has said. But if you can experience it then it clicks and people of my experience with that video content also is that people who are in my network technically but maybe on Facebook or in some place like that or they’re on the mailing list but they weren’t opening anything they weren’t looking anything and that these videos have actually gotten them engaged in a way that’s another post, another e-mail another anything like that was not going to. It brings something extra to the party where it’s like oh yeah that’s that’s you.


Neil: [00:11:03] Yeah, absolutely. A chance to kind of put yourself out there more. On that note though, you’ve been doing the e-mail marketing for a while and you do a lot of social media. Do you find kind of a difference in open rates or in click rates, share rates on social media between video content and you know kind of some of the other content?


Paul: [00:11:27] Yeah, I mean I think certainly when you go however it is best suited for the platform. Right. So, context is decisive. So, on Facebook I mean that’s the reason why instead of just having the link to that YouTube format and throwing that Facebook you go live through Facebook and put it in directly native. And then it moves and people go by it so they can interact more with that. There’s some inspirational quote you know something or even a graphic with an inspirational quote like yes that the rates have gone up that e-mail rates are certainly gone up and that’s part of keeping it fresh. That’s part of the video content itself and the lead. And it’s got to be something relevant. You know. So, since it’s increased the relevancy then it’s increased the participation and it’s maintained because like you said we put out four of them and it’s a state that jumped and it stayed consistent the whole time. So, it’s not ‘oh that’s new’ and woop. It’s actually maintaining the level of engagement.


Neil: [00:12:40] Yeah that’s a good point. We determine your kind of organic level of viewership and then we also push through Guaranteed Views program as well. Which I think we get to do a report on this one on that, but we’ll take a look. Engagement’s been good for what that’s worth.


Paul: [00:13:09] Well the intent. I mean the core intent. That stuff would be nice that elevated it’s nice but it’s all gravy from there because people I’m looking to reach are the people who are responding.


Neil: [00:13:20] Yeah. Yeah absolutely. OK. Well that’s really all I’ve got for you so I’m going to talk just a little bit about the setup that we have here. So, we turn a little bit different lighting instead of building lights in front of that front camera lens on the KeyMission there. And the thought is that you know that will take some of the three 60 nature out there you’re going to see the lights in their entirety which is not thrilling, but I think we’ll have less glare issues there and then I wanted to let you know that this is our studio space and you can see stuff going on.


Paul: [00:14:09] Spin around and you can see all the action.


Neil: [00:14:17] We’ve got a lot of kind of set pieces and stuff in here. So that is going to be it for this edition. Let’s call it episode 2, I guess.


Paul: [00:14:31] Yeah. Episode 2 and if you want to sing a little song, I can drag that cart around a couple times.


Neil: [00:14:38] No I don’t think so. I think we are OK. And yeah let me know what you think, just like last time. If you think it’s cool way do it, let me know if not so much, let me know that too. Look for some more of 360 stuff coming up from us over the next little bit. We’ve got a presentation that Paul will be at next week on just that thing.


Paul: [00:15:01] Yes. And look around. And if you prefer that Neil shoots these things in front of the cool set pieces you see looking around then put your request in.


Neil: [00:15:10] Good idea. Yeah. Excellent. All right. Thanks. See you next time.


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