BackBlaze – 5 Minutes to Better Marketing

Aug 6, 2015

This is less of a marketing tip and more of a business tip. More specifically a file backup tip. But, you do have to back up your marketing files. So, I say we are still in the realm of 5 Minutes to Better Marketing. Do you backup your files up regularly? of even better, constantly? The backup lesson for most businesses is one learned the hard way. You lose a client’s file or something else important due to a harddrive failure or some over technical glitch and everything changes. Why didn’t I back that up? There is panic, futile searching. You don’t need the stress. Your company doesn’t need the stress. Backup your files. Regularly. Your clients and your sanity will thank you.

That brings us to the title of the article – BackBlaze. It is my prefered backup system. There are many other good ones out there. I used Time Machine – the built in Mac backup system – for years and it served me well. But, eventually I made the decision to move my backup to the cloud. Enter BackBlaze. I picked it because it had solid reviews on several sites, was pretty inexpensive and, most importantly for me, it allows you to backup unlimited data. Unlimited. That is important to my company. We deal with terabytes of video, and that is a feature that we use to our advantage.

What has surprised me most since I started using the service is the way I use it, not for the catastrophic hard drive failure that you are thinking of. But, for smaller jobs. Usually a single misplaced or far-away file. I have the occasional ‘where is that file’ moment and my options are to sift through a stack of hard drives (our oldest backup system) or use BackBlaze’s greatest feature – search. The BackBlaze system puts all of your files from multiple drives in one file spot – and it is searchable. This is a great way to skip the stack of hard drives and it is a huge timesaver.

Being a cloud backup system comes with an additional feature that I used regularly as well. Unlike my stack of hard drives, I can access my backups from anywhere. This can be helpful if you are working from home or on vacation and your files are at the office. And it works anywhere. I have pulled and updated files for clients while I was overseas. I couldn’t have done that with my stack of hard drives. This feature is a lifesaver and I use it often.

Takeaway – Backup your files. Find a system that works for your business and put it into use.

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