Nickel City Graphics LLC is an agile video marketing agency that will expertly tell your story to your target market.

Is your product or service too complicated or abstract to convey its value in words alone? Do you need to reach more people? Or the right people? Are repetitive sales calls and product demonstrations taking a bite out of your bottom line? We help small and medium-sized businesses in the technology, education and healthcare fields tell complex stories through web video production. Nickel City Graphics video production projects include built-in video marketing and interaction with your target market via Guaranteed Views. We always have an eye on the future, integrating the latest equipment, technology, and style into your campaign. Web video marketing, web video production – Buffalo, NY.

Web Video Production Buffalo

Video Production

Simplify a complex idea, meet more customers, show off your expertise.

Web Video Production Buffalo

Video Marketing

Reach the right people with your marketing message. Guaranteed.

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Neil K Carroll

Neil K Carroll

Owner/Creative Director

Experienced creative professional with a love for breakfast sandwiches and a strong disdain for grinders.

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Burak Spoth

Burak Spoth

Video Production Specialist

Color correction wizard, rock star drummer with Hundred Plus Club and star of the hit documentary - Burakumentary.

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David Seifert

David Seifert

Video Production Specialist

Our resident motion graphics badass. Dave can often be found making excursions to find the very best in vegan pizza or burgers.

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What is Agile Video Production?

If you are considering creating video content you may find that the industry is a bit more complicated than you anticipated. First of all, there are multiple types of video production companies, levels of services, styles, and price points. To clear this up, in a...

What to Expect Before a Video Shoot

The moments leading up to a video shoot can leave you with all sorts of emotions. Maybe you’re excited because this is going to be your first time around camera equipment, or perhaps you have some butterflies in your stomach because you have to deliver a testimonial...

How To Integrate Video Into Your Content Marketing Strategy

Should you integrate video into your content marketing strategy? Picture this, Worldometers estimates that more than 3.1 million blogs are posted each day. The internet is a sea of words. No one has the time to read everything that is posted online. In such confusion,...

Target Your Customers, Not Just Viewers

Target your customers, not just viewers. Study after study has asserted that video is the internet's most effective and engaging form of content. You can get more across in one 2-3 minute video than you can in an article, a series of images or audio track. The ability...

Why Goals are Important in Video Marketing (and Any Other Marketing)

Goals are incredibly important to your video marketing campaign. In fact, goals are important to any video marketing campaign. If you don’t know what you are trying to accomplish with a campaign, how can you determine whether it was a success or a failure? Know Your...

What Goes Into Making a Video?

In our last blog post, we had an overview of the different types of video production companies you could hire to help bring your project to life. Those included the “guy with a camera/hobbyist,” “modern video production companies” and the “traditional production...

Types of Video Production Companies (and Burgers)

Your boss just approved your marketing budget for the year and you’re ready to start incorporating video. You already know what goes into the making of a high-quality video - good lighting, clear sound, solid script, etc. - but you don’t exactly have the means to...

I would refer them without reservation and I have!

Holly Nowak


HMN Resources

Neil and his team do fantastic work. I would absolutely recommend Nickel City to those looking for high-quality videos and marketing support.

Dan Mirsky

Marketing Director

HUNT Real Estate

Great job!

Brian Benzin

Graphic Designer

Columbus McKinnon

Neil was great to work with. Very professional and timely. I definitely needed assistance with producing a 30 second video/tv spot and Nickel City Graphics made this happen. From the graphics, content, voice over and revisions ... it all came together. Great communication too! Kudos to Nickel City Graphics. Hope to have more projects in 2018!

Kathy Bruce

Marketing Coordinator

Great Erie Federal Credit Union

Great quality work.

Dan Wangelin


Renoun Creative

Quality work, accessible pricing and reliable responsiveness.

Paul Greiner

Principal Consultant

ALS Consulting

Neil and his team execute well, are reasonably priced and are a pleasure to work with.

CJ Maurer

Marketing Director

Complete Payroll

Neil Carroll has worked on or produced over 70 videos for us since 2012. He's got great ideas, techniques and completes assignments pretty quickly. Work with him, you won't be disappointed!

April Taulbee


D'Youville College

They were very friendly and professional.

Kelly Flicinski

President & CMO

716 Marketing LLC

Quality products and professional staff.

Mary Kohlbacher

Director of Continuing Legal Education

Erie County Bar Association

Neil is an intent listener. He pinpointed exactly what I needed to say to my audience by asking the perfect questions further directing my conversation. This not only kept me on track, but made my conversation compelling to listen to. He would not have known what to ask had he not been listening closely to what I was saying. Very impressive.

Deborah Wirth


Luras Inc.

We liked the visible parts the best.

Jason Schwinger


Black Squirrel Distillery

Great job by Neil. Very accommodating and flexible with his schedule.

Scott Bihl

Director of Sales, Premium Seats

Live Nation

Easy to work with. Great quality photos.

Dave Sheffield


Buffalo Bottle Craft

Nickel City Graphics is no joke in the way they can handle anything you throw at them, no task is too big or too small, they make you feel like you're their only customer!

Mark Brice


Buffalo Aerial Pictures

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