Video Marketing

What good is great video content if it is not reaching the audience it was created for? Utilize the most engaging medium available to your business, video marketing, to generate new customers, increase brand awareness or promote a specific product of event. Videos capture attention in a way that print doesn’t. Stunning visuals combined with intriguing content will attract customers in a whole new way.

We utilize the newest video production techniques and strategies to output the most cutting edge videos for your business. You’re in good hands with the Nickel City Graphics team. Members of our staff are Google AdWords and Google Video Advertising certified. That means properly executed, effective video campaigns that assure that your content reaches your intended audience. Let your voice be heard by those who matter to your business.

All of our video production products come with a some marketing baked in. Guaranteed Views. These mini-campaigns get your message in front of the right people, we promise! What good is an eye-catching promotion if the right people aren’t viewing it? Don’t waste your time, reach the right people. Guaranteed. You run your business, now sit back and let us spread the word!


You can be certain that your target market will receive your message with Guaranteed Views. Don’t waste money advertising to people who aren’t interested in your company. Learn more here.