ACV Auctions – EZ Auto Loans Testimonial

We put together another video project for ACV Auctions. This time we took a deeper dive into what ACV Auctions can do for a dealership; creating a three video series of how ACV Auctions helps the Buffalo-area used car dealership chain, EZ Auto Loan, be more successful. The series was shot at EZ Auto Loan’s Lockport location and features the dealership’s General Manager, John Gambino, their used car manager, Drew Askey, and their Director of Finance, Anthony Agostino. The three part series is broken down into videos about:

You Can Trust ACV Auctions

How ACV Auction Fits Your Current Business Model

How ACV Auctions Can Save You Money

The series has racked up over 5,000 views on YouTube with the majority coming through our Guaranteed Views service. Look for more testimonial vidoes from ACV Auctions coming soon. See the full EZ Auto Loan Testimonial playlist below.