Buffalo Startup Weekend Event Photography

Post-pitches Buffalo Startup Weekend participants vote on which startup ideas should be developed over the weekend.

Buffalo Startup Weekend #2 – Event Photography

This past weekend Nickel City Graphics LLC covered Buffalo Startup Weekend (for the second time). We shot video and event photography for the weekend-long meeting, with plans of creating a series of mini-documentaries following a handful of teams through the weekend. We are taking a more personal approach than our last video production for Buffalo Startup Weekend, which was more of overview/process oriented video. It ran through the schedule of the weekend, identified the type of people who might be interested in a StartUp event and gave the results of the first Buffalo Startup Weekend. Have you seen it? It is featured on the Buffalo Startup Weekend website and the Nickel City Graphics LLC YouTube Channel (and has racked up more than 700 views).

While the videos are still in production, we were able to process the event photography a little more quickly with some of our event pictures being posted to Buffalo Startup Weekend’s Facebook wall and Twitter feed as early as Saturday. Our event photography focused on capturing some of the hardworking moments of the weekend, covering the initial pitches, voting, teams forming, interactions with mentors, mock-pitches and a lot of collaboration and teamwork. The ability to cover both video and photo is an advantage of shooting much of our video with a DSLR, that we have covered before. We bought our DSLR for video, but it takes great photos. It’s not a revelation. That is what DSLRs are built to do, but we love to take advantage of it when we can.

A few event photography selects from the weekend are featured in the gallery below, if you would like to check out the full complement of selects, they are in this Buffalo Startup Weekend Facebook Photo Album. Like Buffalo Startup Weekend while you are there, and keep up to date on the next one – September 2013.

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