What is your typical turnaround time? As you might imagine; it depends. We typically turn around Taking Head, Prove-It videos and Educational/Event videos within 10 business days of their shoot dates. Custom video times vary greatly based on the amount of pre-production/post-production involved with a project. With all that being said, as a general rule, we turn around most productions in one month or less. If timeline is a factor be sure to bring it up early in our conversation.


What is your service area? We serve the anyone in the US or Canada, but most of our business is centered in Buffalo, NY and the surrounding area. We will travel for meetings and shoots within 60 miles of the Nickel City Graphics office at no charge. For longer distances we suggest video conferencing or phone calls for meetings and animation if you don’t want to pay travel fees for video shoots.


How do you deliver your videos? All of our videos a delivery digitally. As per my accountant, once DVDs or harddrives start changing hands. We would no longer be performing a business service and would instead be selling a physical product. Our internal systems are not set up to sell physical products (we don’t want to do the additional paperwork).


Can I get a video produced without Guaranteed Views? Yes. You get a video produced without the inclusion of Guaranteed Views. Though we only recommend doing this your video is being used internally or not online. Otherwise, we strongly recommend retaining the included guaranteed views and even adding more. This is the best way to get your video(s) seen by the people who need to see them – your target market. Why would wouldn’t you want that?


Can I embed my video on my website? Absolutely. We house all of our productions on YouTube and embedding a YouTube video onto your website is as easy as copying and pasting some code or a link.


Why do you house your videos on YouTube? In short, because Google owns YouTube. It is probably not a coincidence that Google also highly values video content for SEO ranking. To add to that YouTube is a great search engine in it’s right. As of 2015 YouTube has become the 2nd most popular search engine on the internet (Google is 1st) racking up 3 billion search inquires per month.